Influencer Marketing

The public relations industry has evolved tremendously in a short time frame. It is important that the influencer marketing agency you choose to work with is up-to-date on the latest and most effective avenues for connecting your brand with your audience.

Influencer marketing has been a cornerstone of Charming Media’s practices since inception. Our agency was founded on the principle that an effective influencer strategy can define and shape your brand in the eyes of your customers, increase sales and elevate brand awareness beyond traditional public relations tactics.

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That said, who is an influencer? Charming Media implements proven tools and strategies to ensure your influencer spend will generate positive ROI by working only with the most professional and valid in the industry.

Influencer Marketing Services (include but not limited to):

Blogger campaigns • Instagram/Twitter/Facebook campaigns  Twitter campaigns  Social influence marketing  Development and integration of key messaging Hashtag tracking  Spokesperson sourcing  Social media development • Social media monitoring • Social media reporting • Tastemaker engagement • VIP partnerships • Blogger/influencer press trips